A young, ambitious photographer gets caught in a harrowing labyrinth of intrigue and danger when the “wrong” camera falls into his possession.

The devil is truly in the details; and in this case in the 35mm photographs, as sinister wrongdoing frighteningly emerges within the images garnered from the now unfortunate find. Our protagonist finds himself suddenly pulled into a perilous vortex of the rich and strange, a world as far removed from his as a distant planet as its sinister denizens haunt long hallways and make menacing demands.

Snap Shot climaxes in an explosion of desperate violence as the menacing antagonists will stop at nothing to get that one photo that can assuredly bring a kingdom down.

This film, as in Latina’s previous works, will feature a rich palette of vibrant colors, dynamic symmetrical compositions, stylish fashions and preternatural attention to razor-sharp details.